What Causes Odors in My Home?

You’ve removed the offending wildlife from your  home, but it smells like they’re still there! There are many sources of animal odors found in the home. From droppings and urine, to decaying carcasses, or the body greases they’ve deposited in your  home, to the typical skunk spray complaint, our trained Wildlife Control Specialists can identify and remove these odors for you. We find most of our odor complaints to originate from under decks, crawl spaces, attics, wall voids, chimneys, bathroom vents and floor drains.

How to Get Rid of Animal Smells and Odors in Your Home

First we need to identify the source of your odor problem, remove it (if possible), clean affected surfaces and apply counteractants to eliminate the bacterial source of the odor for good. Removal of the odor source is our first priority. If we can’t remove the source, we use aerosols, oxidizing agents, foggers and disinfectants with germicides to cover the smell, until nature completes this task for you. Ask your  specialist which product will work for you, or let them handle the odor problem for you today.

Odorknockout Fogger Removes Odors

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Odor Knockout is a chlorine-based deodorizing fogger. Just add 2 oz. of warm water to the container, replace the lid, and shake vigorously. Remove the lid and return in 2-4 hours.

OdorKnockout destroys the odor causing bacteria and eliminates the odor completely.

Why It Works

  • Odors are caused by bacteria feeding on a biological source.
  • OdorKnockout destroys the bacteria and eliminates the odor at the source.

Biological Odors are formed by Three Distinct Components…

  1. A Biological Source
    such as urine, feces, vomit, sweat, skunk spray, meat, fish, cigarette smoke, etc.
  2. Odor Causing Bacteria
    feeding on the biological excretion. Bacteria rapidly multiply and create lots and lots of odor molecules.
  3. Odor Molecules
    are what your nose actually smells and are rapidly produced by odor causing bacteria feeding on the biological excretion.

All three odor components must be eliminated by an odor elimination product to permanently eliminate a biological odor.

If each one of these three components are not eliminated, the odor will naturally return.