Fighting Gout Can Be A Winning Battle

I personally was a part of a study done at Boston University with researchers from Harvard and other schools looking at Gout and its protagonists.  They found a simple yet effective part of management is 20 Cherries a day: Cherries May Cut
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Be It Resolved – Good Health

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead is now available on Netflix or Amazon Prime as a free movie, I highly recommend you take an hour and a half and watch the battle change a man before your very eyes.  I read
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Google+ Hangout – a facebook beat down tool

Have you calculated the cost of a business meeting lately?  How about one attended by ten people from around the globe?  Now make it more personal, how about a video conference that is free that you can have with your
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No More Needles – Type 2 Diabetes Study Shows More Than A Promise

Believe in Better is a new book available from Dr. Marthin Botha wherein Dr. Botha has provided clear evidence of efficacy against Type 2 Diabetes. Believe in better provides a look into the lives of 27 patients ages 23 to 77 and
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Government Cheating – SEC Complacent in Banking Downfall 2008

After reading Matt Taibbi's article in Rolling Stone today Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes? we learn of the massive number of cases that have been disposed of completely that where required to have been stored for 25 years.
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Healthy Answers To A Painful Problem Gout

As we get older certain biological events occur that become obstacles for us to overcome, in my own case one of the earliest challenges I have faced has been Gout.  Gout is a painful condition recently in the media more
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Gout - if it effects you check this out

Due to my personal battle with Gout and ultimately the answers I have found I wanted to include a resource to learn about all of the ways this painful condition can be treated with natural products that do not have the massive harmful effects prescription answers to this problem have. The first time I asked my pharmacist about Gout medication he grimaced and said he hates even handling the medicine bottles, I think anything that toxic should be avoided at all costs. FYI - I did create this site to tell my own story, if that offends you create your own.

google+ and Hangouts

I have had the opportunity to witness some quantum changes in our world. In 1984 I purchased an IBM XT and with my good friends Daniel Bennett and Sean Crumpler we explored the early PC frontier. In 1994 I was on the phone with a guy talking about how he was going to begin charging for posting items to his auction website, yes turned out to be ebay. So, I have seen a one or two technologies take off. I think we are seeing the birth of an entirely new kind of sharing - social yes but even more powerful than simply social this is face to face with the new google plus hangout. I think like the Internet itself it will impact the way we interact on a daily basis with everyone around us and perhaps it will become as fundamental an experience as a telephone call in the not too distant future.

My work - ICRP

Investigational bioscience and the identification of functional models in the fight against degenerative disease. ICRP utilizes natural products in a clinical grade to deliver a product that is both safe and bioactive. You can see from the studies referenced here on this website that natural products represent key elements in a very complex equation that is our health.